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On Wed, Oct 28, 1998 at 01:34:27PM +0000, Jules Bean wrote:
> Certainly, you'll find it in any system which runs vixie cron.  I don't know
> if netBSD does - quite possibly not.  You'll also find it in whichever cron
> vixie derived from - he didn't invent the feature.  I don't know off-hand
> whether he derived from BSD cron or SVR cron, but I imagine the feature will
> be in one of them.

Good, so if it's all the same to everyone, can we let a few of the upstream
authors' decisions remain intact? 

Their is a bug filed against my package `atp', which declares that the 
program is poorly named! The upstream author agrees but the name has value 
other than as an acryonym to him, and he's not maintaining it any more anyway.
I hardly think it is our place to even reconsider renaming upstream
packages, yet I've been asked not to close the bug. At this rate,
it will remain on file forever. What is the value in that?

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