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Re: boot disks (was Re: developer status again)

D'jinnie wrote:
> :    . There is still a lot of work to do for the boot-floppies.  I
> :      begin to realize that *only* Enrique is working on this.
> I guess this probably shouldn't go to the whole list, but I wasn't sure
> who to send it to :)
> I would love to help with the boot floppies (esp laptop ones) and setup
> scripts. Although I'm not a maintainer yet (mostly laziness) I imagine it
> would not be out of line to write the code and send it to the current
> maintainer for approval? Also, where can I get source code for the install
> script? I proposed a couple of additions and was told "if you want it to
> appear, do it yourself" so I figured I'd take the advice ;)
> thanks

Please fetch the current snapshot from
It should occur at regular incoming mirrors within some hours.

Since it's just a lazy tar+gz from a local cvs repository you can
ignore the CVS files.

Please submit your patches either to Hartmut, Enrique, myself or the
boot-floppies list at boot-floppies@packages.debian.org.

Have fun,


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