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cdrom, ppp problem with 2.1.125

I've recompiled my kernel from 2.0.35 to 2.1.125, and now the new
kernel cannot see my cdrom at boot. I've got a Pioneer SCSI
cdrom. It sees my scsi drive & Zip ok, even my 400MHz Deschuts
cpu and 192 mb of ram, just not the cdrom.

Also, I now cannot connect to my isp with my 3Com ImpactIQ isdn
modem, which worked fine with 2.0.35.

I thought I upgraded all the necessary apps, but although I used
the ppp_2.3.5.deb, when I look at pppd -v, it says I have version
2.3.3. I believe I need 2.3.5 minimum to work. Is that correct?

I'm a bit new at this, so I'm thinking this is a simple fix.

pat o'brien

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