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Compile new apache module / Anyone package it?


I would like to see mod_auth_mysql in Debian.

Its homepage is:

>From the homepage:
"mod_auth_mysql, like other apache authentication modules, is used in 
order to protect pages with username/password. The unique thing is that 
the passwords and usernames is stored in a MySQL database for much 
quicker access. Also, unlike the previous implementation of the module, 
SQL links are kept alive in between hits to acheive even better performance."

I want to use mod_auth_mysql and downloaded mysql-dev 
and apache-dev to compile it (hamm machine).

The description of apache-dev lets me think I may
compile additional apache modules without the need
to download apache-src. But there is no
helpful documentation in /usr/doc/apache-dev.

The README of mod_auth_mysql gives the following
* Copy mod_auth_mysql.c to Apache's modules/extra directory.

* Add the following line at the bottom of your 'Configuration' file:
Module mysql_auth_module    modules/extra/mod_auth_mysql.o

* Assuming you installed MySQL to /usr/local/mysql, add the following to the
  EXTRA_LIBS directive in the 'Configuration' file (if you installed to a different
  directory, change accordingly):
  -L/usr/local/mysql -lmysqlclient   -lm

* Run ./Configure

* Run 'make depend'

* Run ./Configure again and then make

[*]  I'm not sure this is the nicest/most correct way to do the job, but it "worked
     for me" (I only checked that it compiles clean under Apache 1.3b6, nothing

I have no idea how to compile this thing. I managed to 
make gcc find all include files it needs, but there are
linking errors.

My reasons for writing all this are these:

1) I would like to get some hints how to compile
   this and probably other modules for apache
   using Debian package apache-dev and not using
   the source code.

2) I would like to get this "hints" or possibly more
   explanation added to package apache-dev.

3) I would like to see this modules packaged for Debian.
   If someone volunteers he may have it. If I understand
   how to do it and find some time before someone volunteers
   I might try it by myself.

Thats all for now, thanks!  ;)


  Florian Hinzmann               f.hinzmann@public.uni-hamburg.de
                                 fh@dipa.de, fh@debian.org
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