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Re: Copyrights and licenses

In article <E0zOomm-0003Da-00@night>, Richard Braakman <dark@xs4all.nl>

>> * License n looks a bit vague - is it valid?
>Which is license n?

I have no idea. I don't even remember writing that.

>> * License 2 says:
>>       The use of this software for revenue-generating purposes may require a
>>       license from the owners of the underlying intellectual property.
>>       Specifically, the SRP-1 protocol may not be used for revenue-generating
>>       purposes without license.
>>   I believe this makes it non-free - am I correct?
>Eww... this looks like a software patent.  Can you find out more about it?

That's what I thought. http://srp.stanford.edu/srp/index.html seems
to be the nearest it has to a home, from a few minutes searching
the web.

BTW, something I forgot to ask, what do I do about the copyright file?
Just concatenate them all and say "Different parts of the program are
released under one of the licences below. See the source code for

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