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Re: (WARNING) xfree86 (source all i386) uploaded to master

turbo@debian.org wrote:
>Is there  any 'debian-warning'  or some mailing  list (or could  it be
>created, AND USED), where this  kind of stuff could be crossposted to?
>debian-devel is  _WAY_ to crowded  for the 'casuall unstable'  user to
>follow, even _I_ have trouble with it, but I think I must...

No, there isn't.

I second Turbo's motion, although I'd rather it be called

It should be reserved for discussing issues about things severely broken
in the unstable distribution, including temporary workarounds, fixed
package announcments, etc.
Robert Woodcock - rcw@oz.net
"Unix and C are the ultimate computer viruses" -- Richard Gabriel

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