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Re: Autocompilation and source dependencies

On 29 Oct 1998, Brederlow wrote:

> We (Falk hueffner and me) have started to do some real autocompilation
> programm/script. Source dependencies should be determined by the prog
> itself and then stuffed somewhere into the package.
> Heres how it should work out to work:
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> - A temporary directory will be created somewhere with a lot of space
>   (sorry, but less than 500 MB probably won`t do at all).

And X takes 500megs by itself to build.

> - "base2_0.tgz" will be extracted there.

Why?  The base system is already installed.  This would only be good for make
world.  Any other reason would lead to unnessecesary cpu cycles being wasted.

> - Now a changeroot will be started and everything else will run in the 
>   temporary directory.
> - The debian mirror will be mounted via nfs as read-only filesystem.

Nope.  I have the mirror for novare on my machine, and the debian-arch
machines that novare hosts will use it.  There will be no nfs mounts.  I have
http and ftp available, tho.

> - The package to be compiled will be installed in "/usr/local/src" via 
>   dpkg-source -x

No.  Even in the chroot, it shouldn't be in /usr/local.  How about

> - libtricks is initiated to report any read or execute command to any
>   file (within the changeroot and only for subprocesses of cause).
>   libtricks then reports any use of a file/programm on stderr.

this is more a prob with libtricks(I haven't used it).  Does the program's
stderr output get trashed?

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