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Re: Copyrights and licenses

Ian Lynagh wrote:
> The problems:
> * The 2 m4 files do not have any license in them. Is that OK?
> * While t_sha.c has license 7, t_sha.h has no license. Is that OK?

Usually it's ok if not all files have a license statement, since it's
reasonable to assume that they fall under the same license as the rest
of the package.  But in this case -- who knows?

> * License n looks a bit vague - is it valid?

Which is license n?

> * License 2 says:
>       The use of this software for revenue-generating purposes may require a
>       license from the owners of the underlying intellectual property.
>       Specifically, the SRP-1 protocol may not be used for revenue-generating
>       purposes without license.
>   I believe this makes it non-free - am I correct?

Eww... this looks like a software patent.  Can you find out more about it?

> * Is there any other problem with compiling files using licenses 1-7 together?

I see no contradictions.  They all give the same permissions, and seem to
be compatible with the GPL in License 8.  Notice how License 2 is careful
to avoid making the SRP-1 thing part of the license.

Richard Braakman

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