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Re: Bug#27823: proftpd: non-maintainer upload (alpha) diffs

James Troup wrote:
> Joey Hess <joey@kitenet.net> writes:
> > James Troup wrote:
> > > They don't compile from freshly unpacked source.
> > 
> > How odd. Other maintainer must work substantially differently than I, then.
> If you're building foobar 1.1-3, do you really recompile from a
> freshly unpacked foobar_1.1-3.dsc?


> > Binary-only and normal NMU's are the same thing,
> No they're not.  Why do you insist on this obvious falsehood?

Um, how are they different?

> Will you please get off your high horse and stop being so incredibly
> condescending?  It doesn't help in anyway whatsoever and without some
> facts to back up your anti-non-i386 rants, it's really rather
> pointless.  What exactly makes us second class citizens (your wishes
> aside)?

I've heard complaints from porters many times that the ports are treated as
second class citizens. I think I could dig up complaints form *you* saying

see shy jo

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