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Auto-removal of libraries?


A friend of mine had a good suggestion: why unused libraries are
not removed automatically.  Sounds good for me.  It should be
possible to mark a package as a library - I am intalling this only
as a library and I am not interested in this package per se.
If no other package needs that, APT is free to remove it.  It makes
sense that everything that is 'recommended' or 'suggested' is
marked as a library but the user is free to change it to normal
installed status.


PS.  If there is somehting strange in this mail then it is due to 
fact that I am testing sending mail from Windows Netscape through
IMAP in my Debian server.  There is something strange in the most
recent IMAP package (maybe it is this PARANOID option in hosts.deny).

Esa Turtiainen

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