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Re: bug in apt-get?

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Meskes <meskes@usa.net> writes:

    Michael> When I run apt-get check I get: meskes@feivel:~$ sudo
    Michael> apt-get check Updating package file cache...done Updating
    Michael> package status cache...done Checking system
    Michael> integrity...dependency error You might want to run
    Michael> `apt-get -f install' to correct these.  Sorry, but the
    Michael> following packages are broken - this means they have
    Michael> unmet dependencies: libpgjava: Depends:jdk1.1-runtime
    Michael> econfigedit: Depends:libgtk-perl meskes@feivel:~$

    Michael> However, I do have jdk1.1 and libgnome-perl
    Michael> installed. They provide the 'missing' packages. I tried
    Michael> recreating apt's cache by removing
    Michael> /var/cache/apt/pkgcache.bin and adding the file available
    Michael> resp. status but nothing changed.

I'm pretty sure policy states that a package cannot depend wholly
on a virtual package; it has to depend on a real, preferred package,
*or* the virtual package, like so:;

Depends: jds1.1 | jdk1.1-runtime


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