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On Tue 27 Oct 1998, Russell Coker wrote:

> >> > Does every daemon have the right to uppercase its name or just cron has
> >> > that right? Is there any item in policy about this exception?
> >> 
> >> There is something more powerful than policy at work here: Unix tradition.
> >> Cron has *always* done this.

On what systems? I can't recall seeing this (on all sorts of SV systems).

> >Tradition may sometimes be braindead.

> other systems.  There are many people who use commercial versions of UNIX and
> Linux every day.  Linux is already quite different from Solaris and SCO UNIX
> (the most popular commercial unices that I've seen used).  If we go out of our
> way to make it more different then we make it difficult for these users to
> convert.

SCO Unix and Solaris don't uppercase cron in the ps listing (well, I'm
100% sure about Solaris, as I have a couple of those here, and I'm pretty
sure about SCO, having used that in the past for many years). Additionally,
SVR4 and NetBSD doesn't do it. So, I'd like to hear what systems DO do it.

Paul Slootman
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