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Re: Call for lawyers: GPL Intelectual property protection

On Fri, Oct 30, 1998 at 06:22:47PM -0800, Matthew Schlegel wrote:
> On Fri Oct 30 18:05:39 1998, Stephen J. Carpenter rambled into the ether:
> > > Can anyone give any recommendations that may help me get a waiver to work on any
> > > GPL license software (perhaps it could be constrained to GPL software not in 
> > > competition to NT5 (group I will be in))? 
> > 
> > Well...considering Micro$oft's belief that EVERYTHING is part of
> > the OS, they could consider anything as competing with NT.
> > 
> > hmm NetTrash 5...So...when we see it blue screen should we think of you?  :>
> > 
> Well... actually the only thing I'm going to be doing is monitoring a bug
> mailing group (kinda like linux-kernel type thing) and forwarding bug reports
> to the appropriate developers.  I will also be maintaining a database of bug
> reports made to the list.

Its hard to resist the comment:
Bug report forwarding...that sounds like a FULL TIME job...for an entire

> >
> > > I don't particularly want to try to 
> > > get them to waive rights to my mud src specifically as that would most likely 
> > > draw unwanted attention to the mud server and end up resulting in them taking
> > > it when they may not have otherwise thought about it.
> > 
> > If you can't get them to give you either a direct waiver fo rthe mud OR 
> > a general waiver allowing to work on anything NOT related directly to the
> > work you are doing...
> > 
> > then the only recourse you have really is to STOP work on
> > it the MOMENT you START working for them and not TOUCH it at
> > all during that time (hmm real ass covering: pgp sign a tar file
> > of its directory tree and send it to someone else to hold)
> > 
> > Then you can prove you didn't work on it.
> Thanks for the idea of sending a PGP signed version off to someone.  I'm going
> to make a signed tar.gzip of my cvs repository (just the stuff for the mud)
> and send it off to a couple people.  Also gives me a backup of my CVS tree
> which is a good thing anyway :P

definitly good :)
Then you can PROVE that you wrote it BEFORE the contract.

> > 
> > Hope its all worth it :) who knows...maybe teh section of NT5 you work on
> > will actually end up having some level of quality to it...
> > that would be a first :)
> > 
> > (I havn't seen quality M$ software since DOS)
> I personally didn't find dos to be all that great either :P  NoTechnology was
> pretty nice until I discovered a real OS (linux :)

Well ok... I have to admit...
Until 96, I Used an Apple IIGS. MY first M$ OS was Windows 4.0 (er 95)

I kind of like to delude myself into thinking money isn't what allows
a company to gain power int he first place and that they had to have
started out with something good...gues they don't deserve
that much credit...

Hmm I only used a Microsoft OS at home for about a year and a half.
Now I ONLY use Linux except when im being paid ;)


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