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On 24-Oct-98, 08:47 (CDT), Frock <frock@ostenfeld.dk> wrote: 
> I had a bunch of /USR/BIN/CRON in 'ps -axu'
> Because of this, I couldn't run processes as an ordinary user.
> Why did my system start all these??

The /USR/BIN/CRON are spawned cron process running commands from
crontabs. They were started because the crontabs told them too.

The interesting question would be: why aren't they completing? Is this
something that happens after startup, and eventually goes away, or a
certain time of day? Or is it a more or less continual state of affairs?

What version of cron are you using? 

Hmmm, what version of syslog are you using? There was a bad version out
for a little while, that would cause processes calling syslog() to hang.


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