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Re: /USR/BIN/CRON and overprocessing (offtopic by now) (long)

On Tue, Oct 27, 1998 at 10:02:56PM -0800, jim@laney.edu wrote:
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> Now... the symptoms described (processes accumulating until no more processes 
> left and no one can do anything with the machine after that) would seem to 
> match the symptoms on a box we have with slink running on it. So, my question 
> is: has anyone else noticed these symptoms? I rebooted the machine in question 
> under my control, and I haven't noticed any /USR/BIN/CRON processes in the 
> list.
> Looking again... machine up 1 hour, no problems and no such processes.
> I have noticed that the machine never lasts the night tho... fw that's w
> Any one notice similar things?
Yes! <STORY length=MEDIUM relevance=30%>
At a recent weekend game-LAN, we had our internet connectivity through
the only full-running Linux box there, using IP Masquerading.

This was fine at the start, but later into the night, I was getting
a little tired of Quake etc and so went to play Goldeneye on the N64 in the
other room.

A little while later, I heard shouts from the computer room from people
complaining about connection loss, etc, and so came in and checked my box.
Nothing onscreen, num-lock etc not responding. Odd.

I rebooted, pon'd, and resumed my Bonding on the N64. About quarter of an hour
passed, and it had gone down again. Same result. The blank screen was caused
by the screensaver, so disabling that let me see the problem...

A kernel paging fault, or somesuch, was occuring. I forget the actual
error message, but the gist of it was that there was no more resources
(memory?) left, and there were things *needing* them. This occurred
after some time, not instantly. I was shamed, because everyone was
jeering about Linux crashing.

Anyway, after I came home I decided to fix it, so I booted, enabled
IP Masquerading, and pon'd. Then I ran 'top' and stopped using my
computer, went over to my friend's and used the Internet on that - stopping
accasionally to press Control or something to stop the  VT screensaver.

It didn't crash, and hasn't since.

My machine is a K6-200, 64MB RAM, Linux 2.1.125 Debian Slink system.

Robert Donn
Administrator, MPC Internet Services	http://www.mpc.co.nz/

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