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Re: Apt UI design

You may have thought of this, but I just want to check:

> 3.1 goals
> Apt should be usefull on all systems running Debian GNU/Linux (or any
> other form of Linux).

What about other forms of Debian? (i.e. Debian GNU/Hurd, Debian BSD,

> Apt will try to conform to established standard methods by using
> standard keyboard shortcuts and mouse commands. A list of common
> keyboard shortcuts that will be used are:

Should have F1 as (context sensitive) help, and might be nice to support
a reasonable subset of vi and emacs keys (ala less, lynx, etc.) where

(One of my big gripes about dselect is that searching is similar to
vi/less, but just different enough to be really annoying.  I end up
being confused in AND OUT of dselect.)

Not all keyboards have F- keys or arrow keys.  CERTAINLY not all
keyboards have "Alt".  For the X version, we might want to ponder the
differences between Alt and Meta, which are both defined as possible
modifier keys.  The assumption of "Alt", though, sounds awfully
PC-centric to me.  In fact, the whole thing looks a bit too PC-centric
at the moment.

> Tab          Jump to next pane/frame

If there are multiple entry fields, then it's more traditional to have
tab and shift-tab jump between these.  If not, then this should be fine.

That's all I saw on a first quick skim-though.  I'll look in more depth
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