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Re: APT 0.1.6 is released!

On 7 Oct 1998 john@dhh.gt.org wrote:

> How about this?
> A_1.0-0.1 is going to split into B and C.  So you create a dummy A_1.0-0.2
> package which depends on B and C and upload it along with B and C.  Anyone
> who upgrades and has A will get it upgraded to A_1.0-0.2, which will pull in
> B and C.  No one else ever needs to know that A ever existed.  After a
> release or two you remove A from the distribution.

You can't ever remove A. Systems "pre-split" must always be upgradable to
systems after the split.

Doesn't necessarily mean that this isn't a workable idea, just that it
will always have this baggage.


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