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Re: Asking for LILO configurations, intent to make 'liloconfig'

>>"Javier" == Javier Fdz-Sanguino Pen~a <jfs@ieeesb.etsit.upm.es> writes:

 Javier> I will be using the following to make this program, but I would also
 Javier> appreciate pointers to similar stuff:

	Have you looked at the kernel-image package? The postinst
 tries to create a lilo.conf if no such file exists. It looks at
 /etc/fstab, determines which partitin is bootable, and creates a
 lilo.conf after looking at the results. I like to think this is worth
 looking at.


boot = /dev/hda2
delay = 50                    # optional, for systems that boot very quickly
vga=normal                    # force sane state
root = current                # use "current" setting
message = /etc/lilo.message
verbose = 3
timeout = 300
image = /vmlinuz
	label = 2
	root = /dev/hda2
        append = "mem=95M"
image = /vmlinuz.old
	label = 3
	root = /dev/hda2
        append = "mem=95M"
image = /vmlinuz.stable
	label = 4
	root = /dev/hda2
        append = "mem=95M"
other = /dev/hda1
   table = /dev/hda
   label = 1
You may now choose to boot any of the following operating systems/kernels. 

            1) Windows 95
  default   2) Latest Linux Kernel
            3) backup Linux kernel
            4) Stable Linux kernel
Please enter a number (1-4) and hit enter. (In 30 seconds or so, the
default OS will boot). Type ? for a list of options.

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