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RE: Apt UI design

> I'm not sure I understand the question.. This feature would be intended to
> change the Candidate Version of a package, basically the version dselect
> shows in it's menu and the version apt-get install uses. Once changed the
> normal rules will apply.
> Wichert: Incidently, it should be possible to select at least
>   1) Specific version
>   2) Specific distribution (hamm, slinnk, unstable, stable, etc)
>   3) Specific source
>   4) Newest
> With 2,3,4 being globally selectable options and 1,2,3,4 being a
> per-package option. I'm not sure how to really manage this visually as it
> creates a hidden setting so perhaps it should be done as you say?

Actually you kind of mention my point.  I may want a new version of some
packages, but not of others.  Like leave behind the X packages because
Overfiend is playing again (-: but I do want the new gcc.  So a "get
newest, but skip the x11" or "stick w/ Hamm, but get devel packages from Slink".

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