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Re: Auto-removal of libraries?

On Thu, Oct 22, 1998 at 08:39:00PM +0300, Esa Turtiainen wrote:

> A friend of mine had a good suggestion: why unused libraries are
> not removed automatically.  Sounds good for me.  It should be
> possible to mark a package as a library - I am intalling this only
> as a library and I am not interested in this package per se.
> If no other package needs that, APT is free to remove it.  It makes
> sense that everything that is 'recommended' or 'suggested' is
> marked as a library but the user is free to change it to normal
> installed status.

See dejanews for posts with subjects:

David Engel on 24/09          Re: Back to RedHat
Peter Galbraith on 25/09      New dependencies mechanism suggested!

and a whole thread            Re: "super" pkgs (was Re: Back to RedHat)

So, yes, it would be a good thing.
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