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Re: Bug#27823: proftpd: non-maintainer upload (alpha) diffs

James Troup wrote:
> Who said they were bad?

You did. A few days ago you agreed that bin-only NMU's were not ideal. I
can't dig it up right now.

> They are very rarely necessary however, since
> 99.5% of the time (the only exception I know of is Hartmut's packages)
> i386 packages are already compiled for i386 and don't need to be
> compiled by someone other than the maintainer.  That's when
> binary-only-NMUs occur on non-i386.

Plenty of people rebuild i386 stuff from scratch for various reasons. Lars
Wirenzious autobuilds i386. Joe User/Developer will occasionally extract a
package's source and build it from scratch. That doesn't make it right for
those people to do i386 binary only NMU's to fix clean-buiild bugs, does it?

[ snip remainder of flamage]

Please, calm down.

see shy jo

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