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Re: Asking for LILO configurations, intent to make 'liloconfig'

On Wed, 28 Oct, 1998, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> 	Have you looked at the kernel-image package? The postinst
>  tries to create a lilo.conf if no such file exists. It looks at
>  /etc/fstab, determines which partitin is bootable, and creates a
>  lilo.conf after looking at the results. I like to think this is worth
>  looking at.

Just a random thought, but I was reading the Debian Policy Manual and I came 
across this, is kernel-image at fault or is it the policy?

3.3.7. Configuration files

     Only packages that are tagged *conflicting* with each other may
     specify the same file as `conffile'. A package may not modify a
     configuration file of another package.

     If two or more packages use the same configuration file, one of these
     packages has to be defined as *owner* of the configuration file, i.e.,
     it has to list the file as `conffile' and has to provide a program
     that modifies the configuration file.

     The other packages have to depend on the *owner* package and use that
     program to update the configuration file.

     Sometimes it's appropriate to build a new package, which just provides
     the basic *infrastructure* for the other packages and which manages
     the shared configuration files. (Check out the sgml-base package as an

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