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Hi, I would like to suggest that the issue of upper case of argv[0] names and 
policy thereof be continued on debian-policy only, because: (1) it's not 
really an issue, especially in the throes of release... (2) the original 
question (as far as I've read) has to do with an issue that is potentially 
release-critical, the possibility that cron is calling something that dies 
often enough that it runs out of processes and dies. With regard to the 
upper-case thing: -please- either come to a consensus quickly or consider 
dropping that part of the discussion until after release.

Now... the symptoms described (processes accumulating until no more processes 
left and no one can do anything with the machine after that) would seem to 
match the symptoms on a box we have with slink running on it. So, my question 
is: has anyone else noticed these symptoms? I rebooted the machine in question 
under my control, and I haven't noticed any /USR/BIN/CRON processes in the 
Looking again... machine up 1 hour, no problems and no such processes.

I have noticed that the machine never lasts the night tho... fw that's w

Any one notice similar things?


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