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Re: Apt UI design

Previously Chris Waters wrote:
> What about other forms of Debian? (i.e. Debian GNU/Hurd, Debian BSD,
> etc.)

I could probably have said `any OS with a package manager that has
a minimum number of features..

> Should have F1 as (context sensitive) help, and might be nice to support
> a reasonable subset of vi and emacs keys (ala less, lynx, etc.) where
> appropriate.

Okay, I'll add those.

> (One of my big gripes about dselect is that searching is similar to
> vi/less, but just different enough to be really annoying.  I end up
> being confused in AND OUT of dselect.)

Most noticably searching..

> Not all keyboards have F- keys or arrow keys.  CERTAINLY not all
> keyboards have "Alt".  For the X version, we might want to ponder the
> differences between Alt and Meta, which are both defined as possible
> modifier keys.  The assumption of "Alt", though, sounds awfully
> PC-centric to me.  In fact, the whole thing looks a bit too PC-centric
> at the moment.

Looks like my roots are showing :). We could probably use Meta instead
of Alt for X, but for a console interface we don't have a nice replacement.
We could probably do what minicom does and use Ctrl-A is a modifier

> If there are multiple entry fields, then it's more traditional to have
> tab and shift-tab jump between these.  If not, then this should be fine.

The only screen that has panes is the packagelist. For dialogs using
tab to navigate between entry fialds is indeed very logical. I'll change
the text to reflect that.

> That's all I saw on a first quick skim-though.  I'll look in more depth
> later.

Any comments are welcome of course.


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