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Asking for LILO configurations, intent to make 'liloconfig'

	I am trying to make a more user-friendly LILO configuration to be
used both in the boot-disk/installation and in the LILO package. The point
is, I'm not a LILO expert and I may not see all the possible configurations.
	Thus, I am asking for you guys to send me your LILO configurations
if possible, I would appreciate them more if they are "different" (not just
booting Linux, maybe other OS, or trying to do special stuff).
	I will be using the following to make this program, but I would also
appreciate pointers to similar stuff:

	- 'Quickstart' installation provided by upstream LILO (pretty old)
	- 'liloconfig' in the Debian LILO package (too simple)
	- LILO installation in Debian boot-disks (has some nice thingies)
	- LILO installation in RedHat (has many useful features)

	I am trying to make this available ASAP, to be included in Debian
2.1 (and to make it also available to the readers of "Linux Actual" since
I'm writting an article on LILO installation in its next issue ;)

	Regards and thanks


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