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Re: Bug with xv?

>> Hi all,
>> I was just working away on my machine, and using xv to display the latest
>> results from my raytracing project.  The pic came out too small, and so I
>> went to press shift '>' to zoom it up, only I missed and hit shift '<'.
>> Low and behold my xserver crashed.
>> I've since tested and found that if you open xv, and press shift '<'
>> continually until the window becomes small enough, the xserver dies.
>> Can anyone else verify this?
>> I am running XF86_SVGA server, at 1280x1024 res, 16-bit.  I am running
>> slink and have updated everything to the latest releases.

 Are you sure it is the X server that crashed, and not the window-manager ?
 I cannot reproduce this with slink X packages and fvwm2. Same server, reso-
 lution and color-depth (Matrox Millenium I 4mb).


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