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Re: Copyrights and licenses

Ian Lynagh wrote:
> In article <87yaqyekqa.fsf@hasler.dhh>, john@dhh.gt.org writes
> >Ian Lynagh writes:
> >> So is it free or non-free?
> >
> >If the algorithm isn't patented you can do what ever you want with it,
> >regardless of what the inventor says.
> OK, that just leaves two questions answered - is srp or SHA non-US
> and what do I put in the copyright file?

I don't know what srp does.  SHA is a hashing algorithm, like MD5, so
it's not export-restricted unless you do encryption with it.

In the copyright file, I would copy the text in the license that
mentions it (I forgot which one it was), and then add the text you got
from the author, and add a note that the Debian Project does not
believe that protocols are copyrightable in the first place.

Richard Braakman

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