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Re: [mazzocch@pop.systemy.it: [FYI] Cool Changes in JDK1.2b4]

Ean R . Schuessler wrote:
> This comes from the Apache-Jserv list.
> Now, what I am wondering is if JServ continues to ignore free Java VMs
> and Sun continues its irresponsible development of the Java "standard"
> in the same "secret" way it has been, should JServ be considered non-free?
> In other words, did we decide that if a DFSG compliant program (ie. a KDE
> client) requires a non-DFSG program to run then it would be considered
> non-free? That's right isn't it? Should we tell the Apache-Jserv team that
> Jserv will not be distributed with Debian?

If it depends on non-free components, it goes in contrib.

see shy jo

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