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Re: Canada to remain mostly free

On Fri, Oct 02, 1998 at 10:35:54AM -0400, Greg Stark wrote:

> Manley announced new crypto policies, and though the speech is low on
> detail, despite being particularly long-winded, it seems Canada may
> remain in the free world.

Very cool.  It looks like they've really listened to the industry's

One thing that worries me is they weren't very strong on the export controls
point... though they allow unrestricted _import_ of encryption.  Golly gee,
thanks.  It does look pretty good for exporting though -- I guess they were
deliberately careful with that in order to avoid upsetting the US.  In
particular, we still can't export encryption that we imported from the US :)

It's good to see, though.  I've never had confidence in government before. 

Have fun,


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