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Re: Compile new apache module / Anyone package it?

> 1) I would like to get some hints how to compile
>    this and probably other modules for apache
>    using Debian package apache-dev and not using
>    the source code.

I use:

default: mod_auth_mysql.c mod_log_mysql.c
	gcc -shared -I/usr/include/apache-1.3 \
		mod_auth_mysql.c -lmysqlclient -o mod_auth_mysql.so
	gcc -shared -I/usr/include/apache-1.3 \
		mod_log_mysql.c -lmysqlclient -o mod_log_mysql.so

	install -m 644 mod_auth_mysql.so /usr/lib/apache/1.3
	install -m 644 mod_log_mysql.so /usr/lib/apache/1.3

	rm -f *~
	rm -f *.so

> 3) I would like to see this modules packaged for Debian.
>    If someone volunteers he may have it. If I understand
>    how to do it and find some time before someone volunteers
>    I might try it by myself.

Looks trivial enough to me. If you want it, you can have it. If you
can't do it, I'll be happy to apply for developer status and take both
modules on. There's probably more such tiny modules lying around that
might have to be included. mod_auth_pg95 comes to mind. 

But perhaps some of the apache/php/mod-perl/mod-pyapache guys'n girls
could share their thoughts on the matter with us.

  Paul Stevens                                  mailto:paul@nfg.nl
  NET FACILITIES GROUP                     PGP: finger paul@nfg.nl
  The Netherlands________________________________http://www.nfg.nl

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