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Re: apache 1.3.2 and php3

On 1 Oct 1998, Daniel Podlejski wrote:

> root@iko:503 # /etc/init.d/apache start
> Starting web server: apache... failed.
> root@iko:504 # apachectl start
> httpd: module "(null)" is not compatible with this version of Apache.
> Please contact the vendor for the correct version.
> /usr/sbin/apachectl start: httpd could not be started
> apache          1.3.2-2
> apache-common   1.3.2-2
> php3            3.0.3-1

php 3.0.4, which works correctly with apache 1.3.2 has been installed into
archive on master today. It depends on exact upstream version (1.3.2) of
apache so I hope there won't be problems like this anymore.


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