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contacting porters (was: Contacting authors)

On Thu 08 Oct 1998, Edward Betts wrote:
> And while we are doing it how about implementing @m86k.porter.debian.org or
> @arm.builder.debian.org for the person who has recomplied the package on
> different machines (m86k, powerpc, alpha, arm, etc).

Now this _is_ a good idea! I've already asked on debian-alpha a couple
of times "who ported this package?".  I port a lot of alpha packages
myself, and don't always remember whether I did the current version or
maybe a previous version...

This list could be updated via the maor-installer thing (whatever also
sends the email message; that has all the info right there).

> > An easy way to implement this would be to simply add a line to the
> > source section of debian/control of each package like
> Likewise with builder, or not? Would you need m86k-builder and arm-builder and
> powerpc-builder or would it be done differently?

It's there in the changes file... Note that this would imply that there
should also be a package-name@i386.porters.debian.org which would usually
be the same as package-name@packages.debian.org (but not always! The
maintainer may use something else besides i386 as his platform).

Paul Slootman
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