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Re: Bug#28383: Ejecting PCMCIA cards at suspend time

>>>>> "Steve" == unknown  <dunham@cse.msu.edu> writes:

Steve> That's not the right way to fix the problem.  The system will
Steve> not lock up if you use a kernel that has APM support compiled
Steve> in.  (I suspect the starting and stopping is done automatically
Steve> by cardmanager, but I'm not sure.)

I have a hand-compiled kernel with APM support compiled in, which
works just fine. Also, I have recompiled the pcmcia-cs myself (a
snapshot release since I use kernel 2.1.124), and it does *not* come
back to life when it was suspended with my ethernet card in (Tecra 720 
CDT + 3Com 3C589D).

I have always encountered this behaviour, with whatever kernel and
whatever PCMCIA package I used, so I guess this is hardware specific.

Steve> I don't want this on my system.  The cards already are started
Steve> and stoped correctly _if_ I use a kernel with APM support.

So let's make this optional.

Samuel Tardieu -- sam@debian.org

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