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RE: 164sx PROBLEMS 2nd and 3rd mouse buttons in XF4.0.2 3-way boot? (was: OF reset ?) adbmouse ADB mouse on Mac 7200 AdvanSys SCSI card airport driver Airport support in 2.4.x kernel Apple Titanium G4 success apt-get hates me apt-setup from HFS arrow key problem, kernel 2.2.19pre17 Re: Assistance ATA booting problems & solutions [ why parted does not exist in powerpc.deb?] BIG Problem...need BIG Medicine Boot floppy: Oldworld Mac booting from CD on Ti PowerBook Re: Booting to floppy Re: Bug#82976: pmud 0.7-3 (powerpc) Re: Bug#86356: analog: analog segfaults Re: Bug#90305: WindowMaker close and iconify buttons garbled on PowerPC Bugs report Change swap after adding memory? computer freezes, cause unknown configuration problem in testing conf problems in unstable? Crash! kernel 2.4.2 jumps to mon Database port debian2.2r2 on powerbook G4 debian: Can't get X-4.0.2 working with a 2.2.18 or 2.4.x kernel. Debian on RS/6000 Re: Debian on RS/6000 B50 debian-powerpc: Apple Titanium notebooks ? debian-powerpc: error installing libpaperg on testing debian-powerpc: how do I use the keyspan usb-serial device ??? Re: debian-powerpc: kernel-source-2.4.1 on powerbook debian-powerpc: Keyspan USB to serial converter works :) debian-powerpc: upcoming 2.2r3 release debian: size of stable, testing and unstable files Re: Distro recommendations Email client and conversion from Netscape Mail on win32 Ethernet card problems on PPC Re: evolution etc... G4 G4 Installation Re: german keyboard layout german keyboard layout / usbmouse / ppp / gnome / gcj questions Re: german keyboard layout / usbmouse / ppp / gnome / gcj questions Re: german keyboard layout / usbmouse / ppp / gnome / gcjquestions Gnome trouble: No panel Gnome: Where's my panel? Hear CDAudio on debianPPC Help me HELP ME !!!! Help Ti PB -- nervous breakdown Re: Help with X? Re: Help with X on iBook? HOW-TO : Debian on NuBus Re: How-To install a Debian 2.2 on RS/6000 B50 How-To install a Debian 2.2 on RS/6000 B50 and 43p-150 ibook and Xfree4 init error in loading shared libs initscripts Installation on 7248-100 Installing Debian on Pismo/Firewire Powerbook Intro to OpenFirmware from Apple Is libc6 OK on powerpc? ISO images JBuilder 4 KDE2.1 and sound KDE2.1 Control Center Glitch (PPC) KDE 2.1 packages. kde-designer... kdelibs3 trouble Kernel 2.4.2 Compilation Error Kernel Driver for Apple Cobalt Modem kernel panic: VFS: unable to mount fs kernel patch...? Keyboard Broken; 2.4 Kernel; Unstable 2.2 Dist; Powerbook G3 Wallstreet libssl 0.9.4 Linux 2.4.1 [was: Troubles upgrading from 200 MHz P2 to 400 MHz G3...] linux 2.4.2 + PB3400 Linux Virgin with TiPB - To debian or not to debian? Look over this bootlog.... rs6k/smp... Mac partitioning probs Re: mount a afp shared mac-folder? how? mozilla 0.8 and debian ppc Mozilla 0.8 unoffcial packages available Need iBook/dmasound help netatalk causes kernel panic Netscape ??? Networking printers/Samba + Netatalk [Resend] network install problems on 7200/90 newbie help newbie trying to install debian linux on oldworld mac new input layer and mouse button emulation new kernel images uploaded Non-Apple airport hub? having problems? OF reset ? Oldworld Mac Oldworld-Netbooting-Help [OT] Re: PowerPC PCMCIA module error Re: php4 for potato Please help a complete newbie pmud / harddisk / kernel problem Potato r2 & Apple Optical Mouse Powerbook 3400 install PowerPC re: powerpc kernel problems The last update was on 20:14 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 745 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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