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Re: debian2.2r2 on powerbook G4

On Mon, Mar 05, 2001 at 01:16:32PM -0800, Alan DuBoff wrote:
> Eric Deveaud wrote:
> > I'm trying to install debian on a powerbook G4 (titanium).
> > 
> > as the cd is non bootable, I grab the linux kernel and ramdisk.image.gz
> > from /potato/main/disks-powerpc/2.2.19-2000-12-03/powermac/
> No, that CD is bootable. The trick is knowing how to force the G4 titanium

its bootable, but the kernel on it may not like this hardware since
its so new.  

> into booting from the CD. For my Pismo, this information was pointed out from
> a friend who knew it from their iBook, but it was located in the
> "Troubleshooting" section of the Getting Started book that came with the
> PowerBook. For the Pismo you hold down the C key while booting.

yes.  try passing `video=ofonly' on the yaboot boot prompt, the video
on that machine may not be supported by this kernel.

> > should I compile a new kernel on my pismo, and try with this new one ??
> > 
> > any advice ??
> I think you are better off getting the CD to boot and building the kernel on
> the titanium. I don't like the concept of building a kernel on another
> machine, since the hardware could be and probably is different, it gets
> confusing knowing which .config you used...just my $0.02, take it with a grain
> of salt. The two machines are similar, so you could do that though.
> BTW, please post the secret key combo when you find out how to force a boot
> from the CD, I think others will need to know that eventually. It might even
> be me if I get a titanium...(looking over shoulder to see if wife is watching
> me type;-).

you hold down the `c' key to boot from CDs.  

Ethan Benson

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