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Re: Help with X on iBook?

Michel Dänzer wrote:
Kin Chung wrote:

> > > Tried both of those with recompiles even to make sure it was not
> > > the patches or any brain-death I added.
> >
> >What patches? Those options work with stock XFree86 4.0.2.
> No idea what the patches are about.  They came with the download
> (in a separate package).  They do seem to add more errors than
> they remove :-(.

What package anyway? Don't you use the Debian 4.0.2 packages?

I think I got my stuff off an XFree86 mirror site (could not find
it in the Debian site).

> > > Neither worked.  The `Option "ProgramFPRegs" "No"' option killed the
> > > display (it turns out that it does not kill Debian (yay, still have
> > > ethernet to reboot the beast).
> >
> >Can't you even exit with ctrl-alt-del?
> This has never worked.  Once you hose the video settings, they
> are hosed.  Killing X does not bring the screen back, only a
> reboot will.

Starting X again might also help.

Hmm... good idea.  Did not think of that one!

> >This probably means that it actually works but something's wrong with
> me the 100.000 Hz setting (noted with a comment) in xfree3.3.6,
> so it ought to carry over to xfree4 (same aty128fb driver!)---

That's just the modeline. My concern is about the Refresh ranges in the
Monitor Section.

Actually, the modelines are looking like they are critical.  I tried
what appeared to be a 40 Hz refresh rate modeline and it _almost_
worked with the R128 driver.  The correct picture turned up (root
weave with X cursor in middle) then, all faded to white again :-(.
From what I read about the refresh ranges, those things are only
used to determine which modelines are usable.

> Tried them with the "ProgramFPRegs" "No" option, but it did not
> really do any good.

These Options only have an effect if the flat panel registers are
programmed (i.e. "ProgramFPRegs" "No" is _not_ used). Sorry I
didn't make that clear before.

That's alright.  I poked around in the source code and figured that

aty128fb only matters with Option "UseFBDev".

Yes, I know.  I was hoping to get _some_ useful information out
of the blasted thing, seeing as specs for the ATY,RageM3p1 chip
and the LCD display are almost unobtainable, perhaps with the
exception of becoming an Apple developer (the cost of which is
the loss of the ability to release the source code).

Maybe I should start looking in some bookshops... or try the
Darwin kernel...


Kin Hoong
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