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Re: 3-way boot? (was: OF reset ?)

On Mon, Mar 26, 2001 at 11:00:47AM -0800, Wilhelm Fitzpatrick wrote:
> Okay, so I now have Debian installed on a 2G parition, followed by a 5GB
> Apple_UFS partition (created by Disk Setup) followed by a HFS+ partition
> with Classic MacOS installed.  When I boot the MacOS X installer off the
> CD, it only offers me the Classic parition to install on, ignoring the 5GB
> of space reserved for it.  Should I have *not* marked the space for OS X
> as Apple_UFS?  Do I need to start over and repartition at this point?  Or
> is there some way to get the OSX installer to notice the empty partition?

this used to work in the beta, but in the final version it does not
accept partitions created by Drive setup, you must use OSX's drive
setup to make that partition.  i think it works basically the same as
MacOS' so follow the same procedure.  in the beta it deleted the UFS
partition and created its own bootstrap partitions anda  new UFS
partition in the remaining space. 

> In positive news, I discovered that running the MacOS X installer from
> classic MacOS caused my yboot menu to disappear, but when I held down
> option at book, I got a nice graphical menu that included a little hard
> drive with a penguin, which, when selected, gets you back to yaboot.

just reset the nvram, it changed the boot-device variable.  since your
bootstrap partition is first you can boot with command option p r down
which will reset the nvram and restore the ybin menu to booting by

> Was apple nice enough to make the OSX boot menu understand Linux?  Or is
> yaboot so clever that it can insert itself in the mix?  Either way, its
> cool ;)

no.  that option key trick is NOT OSX it has nothing whatsoever to do
with OSX and never has.  its a function of newwer (AGP G4 and ibook)
OpenFirmware.  it has always recognized ybin bootstrap partitions
because thats what i designed ybin to do.  

Ethan Benson

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