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Re: Change swap after adding memory?

On  14 Mar, this message from jeramy b smith echoed through cyberspace:
> The biggest problem is that most pmac IDE controllers perform poorly in Linux. I am not sure if this is the fault of our drivers or the Apple hardware or both but swapping 20MB of memory on the fly gives you a real performance hit. (Much more so than doing it on an x86 with a well supported ata66 card).

Well, my experience is that Apple will often use medium-to-low
performance parts (disks mostly), except maybe in top-of-the-line

The same holds true for their integrated SCSI controllers, that were
_always_ the slowest around. Don't know for the IDE controllers,

But than again, if you want a high-performance low-cost hard disk
system, look at things like the Promise Ultra/66 card (two Ata/66 buses
on one PCI card) that works perfectly well under Linux on the PPC. If
you have enough free PCI slots, you can add many of them ;-)


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