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Re: 2nd and 3rd mouse buttons in XF4.0.2

> > Previously I had the trackpad set to /dev/input/mouse0.  What makes
> > /dev/input/mice work with the mouse button emulation and not
> > /dev/input/mouse0?
> If mouse0 is indeed the trackpad, I have only one idea - does the button
> emulation only work for 'mice'?

If mouse emulation and ADB HID is configured, the actual mouse/trackpad
and the emulation code map to two different mouse<n> devices. That's why,
if mouse0 is the trackpad mouse1 probably gets the emulation button

Moral: don't even think about using mouse0 etc. unless you know what
they're doing :-) Use /dev/input/mice instead (and never go back to older


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