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Re: debian-powerpc: upcoming 2.2r3 release

Brendan J Simon wrote:

> Olaf Grewe wrote:
> >
> >> 1) Communicator still doesn't work on PowerPC (I'm currently using
> >> testing with kernel 2.4.2).  That's OK because I'd prefer to use
> >> Mozilla anyway, *but* unfortunately Mozilla M18-3 is quite old now.
> >> The Mozilla people have made an official release (0.8) which should
> >> probably go in stable (but probably wont) and should certainly be in
> >> unstable/testing.  I currently can not use any nternet banking
> >> because Java and/or SSL is not supported in Mozilla M18-3 (at least
> >> it doesn't appear so).  I have installed netscape-browswer-4.6 on
> >> stable to get this functionality but it is broked on
> >> unstable/testing.  I'd really like to see Mozilla get updated so I
> >> can ditch using Communicator ASAP.  Does the powerpc mozilla
> >> maintainer lurk on this list ? <wink>
> >
> > when I'm searching the package-list with dselect and apt-sources
> > pointing to testing, it shows me all the Communicator packages I need
> > (including smotif). Consequently it's installed and gives me all I
> > need. What's the problem though?
> It does show up in the package lists but it *wont* install due to unmet
> dependencies.

The maintainer has been aware of the problem since before the potato release,
but refused to believe my bug report.  See bug #66350 (filed last June!).

Just get communicator-smotif-46, and I think netscape-java-46 and
netscape-spellchk-46 or something like that.  Testing/unstable has -47 so
communicator installs there.

Maybe that should be a priority for 2.2r3?


-Adam P.

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