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Re: Airport support in 2.4.x kernel

Michel Dänzer wrote:

> But you said you also had the airport.c file, right? And whether or not it's
> available in the configuration only depends on Config.in, which can't differ
> in two trees rsynced at the same time.

Yes, the airport.c file was there, even before the Airport showed up in
Config.in, so yes, that kinda confuses me also. Since it's in the newest stuff
from linux-pmac-devel, maybe Paulus was moving/merging files into the
2.4.3test tree, and that is why they didn't show up.

> > I just got a message from work, an extra memory module came in for me, so
> > I'll drive over and get it tonight, I've been limping along on 128mb, and
> > while not bad with Linux, I would really prefer 256mb, it makes a big
> > difference. If I can get the airport working, and have the memory, I'm
> > getting close to the promised land...;-)
> You lucky (censored :).
> /me continues being lucky with only 128 megs

You don't have to tell me, I'm counting my lucky stars right about
now...trying to get the memory now would have be useless, the budget bean
counters are out doing their job in full force. I figure the G4 Titanium is
out of the question right now...;-) If the product ships soon and the bean
counters are still estatic over it, we'll try and get the TiPB in the order
channel...:-/ The Pismo is working fine for me however, no real
complaints...it's one of the nicest laptops I've ever used...I have another
Thinkpad, but it's kinda slow, has a 166mhz Pentium MMX chip in it, and while
it runs Debian fine, it's not nearly as nice as my PowerBook.

My only complaint so far is that if you leave the machine running, and close
the lid, it gets hotter than a well digger's @$$, when I open it, it seems
like you can fry and egg on the palm rest areas on each side of the
trackpad...In comparison to the Intel laptops that come pre-packaged with a
walk-in freezer pack on the CPUs, the PowerBooks seem to run very cool most of
the time (with the exception of the lid being closed when the machine is

After I get my airport module, I think I need to add my network wireless
network name as an argument when the module loads, correct?

Thanks for all your help Michel!


Alan DuBoff
Software Orchestration, Inc.

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