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Email client and conversion from Netscape Mail on win32


I am not on the debian-user list, so please cc me as well as the list...

I have been using netscape mail for several years on winblows, and have over 50
folders and even more filters.  I have been getting about 10,000 messages a
month, and now that I'm a LKML reader, it's gone even higher.  So, threading
support is very important to me.  So is mail filtering, weather it's with a
separate package or not doesn't matter.

Now, here's the problem.  I want to convert my email activities over to linux. 
So, I may as well drop netscape at the same time, if I can. I would like to be
able to read html mail also. I've looked at a couple in the last half hour, and
here's what I've come across in potato-r2.

this looks pretty good, and it seems to have html viewing.  Though, I didn't see
any threading features.

mutt: didn't look very much, so don't know.

postilion: interesting, it seems to support several folders, but I didn't take
the time to really figure out how to work with the three rows.

balsa: looks workable, but not for my email load.

I'm sure I missed a lot about them, maybe you can point some out.



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