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Re: Help with X on iBook?

Michel Dänzer wrote:
Kin Chung wrote:

Well, I finally got the sod working.

It turns out that the modelines are the only important detail.
The short of it is: my XF86Config file looks more or less like
the one I found ages ago (while trying to get XFree86 3.3.6 to
behave) at hadess.net (see http://hadess.net/files/ppc/ibook/).
Of course, one has to understand what one is doing before one
realises that the solution is staring one in the face.  It is
also very helpful that Apple does _not_ supply* any data about
their flat-panel displays or the ATI graphics processors---and
ATI tells you to ask Apple (well, at least I found out by looking
at similar ATI cards that the maximum dot clock is about 58 MHz).

It also turns out that the current XFree86 4.0.2 available at
http://www.XFree86.org/ works well enough with the ATI Rage
Mobility 3 that you don't need to resort to `Option "UseFBDev"'
or `Option "ProgramFPRegs" "No"'.  In fact, one of the problems
with using the `"Program FPRegs" "No"' option is that when X dies
or is killed, you don't get your console display back---the screen
fades to white.

The biggest problem I had, it turns out, was that if your compiled
code was not packaged as a debian package first, then you had to do
a little extra work which nobody talks about---run ldconfig.  Without
that, the shared objects library is not linked into the system, and
it dies a horrible death.

The second biggest problem is that xfs no longer compiles as a daemon
by default---the start-stop-daemon trys to start it and it takes over
the machine at boot-time, so you don't ever get to log in!  Temporary
fix is not to start up xfs.  Permanent fix (when I get around to it)
is to recompile it to work as a daemon.

Thanks again for all the help!


Kin Hoong

*I did not go to the trouble of asking Apple support.  No idea how
they would respond.
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