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Re: AdvanSys SCSI card

At 07:33 -0600 3/6/2001, Kevin van Haaren wrote:
I have an SIIG scsi card (uses AdvanSys chips) i want to put in my SuperMac C500 and boot from. I compilied a new 2.2.18 kernel including the AdvanSys driver. I can boot into MacOS from the scsi card but when I boot Linux I get a kernel panic. If I move the hard drive back to the internal MESH connector it works fine.

I talked to AdvanSys about this. They are working on porting the driver for AdvanSys (or ConnectCom as they are known as now) to PowerPC Linux but don't know when they'll have it done. That's a shame, I like the AdvanSys cards a lot more than Adaptec's.


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