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Re: HOW-TO : Debian on NuBus

I'm having trouble downloading the ramdisk installer.  (It's really really
slow...)  Is there a mirror in the US that has the Installer?  thanks.


Quoted from the Book of Paul Kimber Ch 6:7-13 on 3/4/01 8:46 PM:

> We now have a working ramdisk installer, so it is now much
> easier to install debian on nubus. Just grab the fake 'Mach
> Kernel' and the MkLinux Booter from
> ftp://penguin.tough.net.au
> change your root device to /dev/ram and reboot. Its that
> easy.
> If you have any problems just mail me.
> This is still a work in progress.
> Cheers,
> paul
> |---------       
> |penguin.tough.net.au
> |______________     

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