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Re: Please help a complete newbie

On Wed, Mar 14, 2001 at 09:44:50PM +1100, Ken Simpson wrote:
> I have heard great things about Debian PPC. Problem is I can't figure 
> out how to get the .... thing working!
> That is, I have d'led the 2.2 directory, and the rescue, root, 
> ramdisk, drivers and HFS boot disk, however I cannot figure out what 
> to do with them.
> My Beige (oldworld) G3 will not write a disk from the .bin images.
> I made a floppy from the HFS disk image, but I just get a crossed out 
> symbol in a blank screen.
> Please help!
> I have a 2GB partition set aside that I can use as a Linux install 
> partition, and an 8GB disk for the actual install.
> I have read the dox over and over and cannot seem to work out what to do.
> Will someone please either point me to a step-by-step description for 
> a dummy, or give me one from their own experience???
I don't know about the macos side, but do you have any friends with
linux/dos that could make the floppies you need?

Someone else could probably help with a MacOS only type solution.


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