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Re: Help with X on iBook?

***Thanks to everybody, especially Michel Dänzer,
***for their help on this matter. It looks like I
***have a lot of work ahead of me :-(. Worse, after
***having played nethack on the console, it is starting
***to look like I may have to look at
***XF68_FBDev as well :-( or wait until xfree4 becomes
***more stable.

Michel Dänzer wrote:
Kin Chung wrote:
> >Michel Dänzer wrote:
> >Kin Chung wrote:
> >... researched ...
> Thanks (doing researh is a bad habit from old USENET days, where
> you get flamed if you don't do your research first).

I don't think it's a bad habit, in fact I sometimes wish I had it. ;)

Sorry... the "bad habit" line is just the very Australian sense
of humour I picked up from having lived in Australia for a long
time (the hotmail account is an anti-spam measure).

> Tried both of those with recompiles even to make sure it was not
> the patches or any brain-death I added.

What patches? Those options work with stock XFree86 4.0.2.

No idea what the patches are about.  They came with the download
(in a separate package).  They do seem to add more errors than
they remove :-(.

> Neither worked. The `Option "ProgramFPRegs" "No"' option killed the display
> (it turns out that it does not kill Debian (yay, still have ethernet to
> reboot the beast).

Can't you even exit with ctrl-alt-del?

This has never worked.  Once you hose the video settings, they
are hosed.  Killing X does not bring the screen back, only a
reboot will.

This probably means that it actually works but something's wrong with refresh
rates or something. Your Monitor Section is a bit complicated, take a close
look at the log.

Yeah I know it is a bit of a dogs breakfast, but fbset -x gives
me the 100.000 Hz setting (noted with a comment) in xfree3.3.6,
so it ought to carry over to xfree4 (same aty128fb driver!)---
obviously it doesn't because it don't work!

BTW have you tried the "PanelWidth" and "PanelHeight" options yet?

Tried them with the "ProgramFPRegs" "No" option, but it did not
really do any good.  It would appear that I have to sit down and
figure out all the interconnections between xfree and aty128fb.o
(in the kernel) before all this will start to make sense.  More
reading, more experiments, more crashes :-).

> The former option causes the xfree4 Xserver to complain that it can't find a
> suitable screen.

You do use aty128fb don't you?

Only way XF68_FBDev would work :-).


Kin Hoong
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