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Re: non-us.debian.org having problems?

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far way, someone said...

> >btw, i'm getting timeouts on security.debian.org too (looks like
> >it's hosted from the same network as non-us)
> I can't find a mirror of security.debian.org.  Is there one?

There isn't one.  Ethan Benson posted to debian-user sometime in the last
week or two why:  it basically comes down to "how do you know the package
wasn't tampered with after it was downloaded from security.debian.org?"
(IIRC).  Once apt can check pgp/gpg keys I'm sure their'll probably be
some "official" mirrors set up.

That said, there's nothing keeping you from mirroring it yourself for
local use - I do that myself, just for situations like this.

One of my mirrors is on tux.creighton.edu.  The entry for sources.list is

deb http://tux.creighton.edu/debian potato updates/main

if you want to trust that I haven't altered anything :)  The entire tree
should be there, with the exception of the slink updates.

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