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Re: debian2.2r2 on powerbook G4

On  13 Mar, this message from Michel Dänzer echoed through cyberspace:
> You are right there, but the explanation is simpler: I had last rsynced on the
> 10th, when Paulus was at 2.4.2. I just did it again, I now have 2.4.3-pre2 but
> no Airport in the config anymore. :-/ I assume it's an overlook and he'll put
> it back shortly.

Look harder, guys ;-)

My tree rsync'ed 20010312 has the Airport under 'Network device
support', 'PCMCIA network device support'... 

But be aware that there's some funniness with the Airport being
available for config based on what general options you enable.... for me
it shows _without_ 'PCMCIA net..' being selected the first time. Select
that, deselect it, and the Airport is gone.... Some dependency


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