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Re: Help with X?

Michel Dänzer wrote:
> Alan DuBoff wrote:
> > This must have been something else that was causing the problem, since I
> > have just replaced my numbers with yours and they work, as well as the
> > others that I thought didn't work (which work also)...hmmm....and this may
> > have had to do with the Option "UseFBDev", since that was added at some
> > point.
> Yes, I can't explain too many times that either that or some other options are
> needed.


I didn't realize I would need that, I didn't find any information available on
it. I was trying to get the Rage 128 driver to work in the first place, and in
fact the reason I took my Pismo to woody, since woody had XFree86-4. The fbdev
driver was really painful on potato! (all x86 systems are still at potato)

To be honest, I have always tried to stay away for ATI video on x86. I use
Matrox in all my other machines (and I have a Thinkpad with a Neomagic). I
wish Apple would have put a different video on this, *BUT*, it does have 8meg
of memory...(I have no complaints there in regards to a laptop;-).

I've had what I would consider a difficult time to get my PowerBook to run
Debian, but it is running it fairly nicely finally. Part of it is my lack of
knowledge of Apple hardware, I guess most of the Apple folks know most of
these tweaks that are needed to compile a kernel. Things are a bit different
than x86 though...I've always used xf86setup most of the time which seems to
have gone, and replaced with xf86cfg, and xf86Config is gone also...

> Dunno. If you find something, let us know so we can enhance the programming of
> the FP regs in the driver. :)

I'll try and dig it up and if I can find anything I'll let you know. I'll have
to ask around, I work with a lot of ex-Apple folks, one of them might
know...like the hardware engineer...


Alan DuBoff
Software Orchestration, Inc.

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